Best Practices

  1. How Healthy Is Your HR System?

    By: Leanne Goplen Zabriskie, CoE Manager, Recruiting and Onboarding

    Ah, the annual visit to the doctor’s office…something we all love.  It’s an opportunity to get poked and prodded, asked questions we don’t want to answer, and suffer all manner of indignity, even though there is nothing wrong with us.  It’s no fun, yet we do it anyway (or we know we ought to) because it’s good for us.  It can find little problems before they become big problems, adjust things that need adjusting, or perhaps just give us a few reminders about things we already know we should be doing. This same theory can be applied to our possessions. Upkeep on a car, house or different systems helps with maintenance, longevity and heath.

    When’s the last time you gave your HR systems a checkup?

    We use these platforms all day, every day.  We add new employees, post jobs, evaluate candidates, conduct performance reviews, and process pay changes, and we just expect everything to work perfectly every time.  But how often have you skipped that quarterly release overview?  When’s the last time your system administrator checked the upgrade center to see what’s new?

    There are new features and functionality coming out all the time, and if you aren’t diligent, you’ll miss them.  At best, this means you are missing out on something that could be nice or useful.  At worst, it could mean you are out of compliance or at risk of your system not working!  Are you using features that will soon be sunset?  Have you updated your forms to match the government’s latest versions?

    Perhaps it’s time to consider an optimization workshop.

    As an implementation consultant, I love doing optimization workshops with my customers.  For these workshops, I compare your current configuration to what I would configure for a brand new customer.  Then I look at recent releases and enhancements to see if there is anything you’re potentially missing.  Finally, we sit down together and go over all of this.  These are true working sessions where we as consultants partner side-by-side with our customers to figure out how to make things better.  This might mean we fix some nagging annoyances that you’ve been meaning to ask about or perhaps we teach you how to use a new feature.  Or, at the end of the day, you may get a clean bill of health!

    If you could use a checkup, please contact us at marketing[@]!




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