OnDemand Webinars

  1. OnDemand Demo: WalkThru Navigation Support in SuccessFactors

    If you have ever implemented a new software, you know that at times it can be a challenge for end users to navigate. Simplify the SuccessFactors experience…

  2. Lessons Learned Part Two- Customer Perspective: Data Migration Considerations for your Core HRIS Deployment

    Take a look at the Second Video in our NEW On-Demand Webinar series to get a customer’s perspective of a Core HRIS Deployment. You’ll hear…

  3. Lessons Learned Part One: Global HCM Implementation From Those Who Know

    With over 4,000 successful cloud-based projects completed in 30 countries, Aasonn is the premier Enterprise HR Cloud provider. We are recognized by SuccessFactors as its…

  4. OnDemand Webinar: Five Tips for Keeping Your Talent Systems Aligned with Your Evolving Strategy

    Presented by: Doty Sinclair, Vice President of Talent Strategy and Emily Liddle, Strategy Consultant

    Technology does not stand-alone; its real power is experienced when there is a shared understanding of how your Talent Management System (TMS) contributes to your talent and business initiatives – now and in the future. Most organizations are missing the opportunity to establish a consistent, flexible blueprint that links their advancing talent strategy to their technology architecture.

  5. OnDemand Webinar Series: The Next Generation of HR Systems

    Presented by: Lisa Atkins – Professional Services Consultant, Rana Hobbs – Senior Director of Workforce Planning, Ceil Tilney – Senior Strategy Consultant, Kirk Hallowell – Senior Strategy Consultant

    In this series, you will learn how you can…

    • Leverage your Talent with an integrated and flexible solution to meet your organization’s needs
    • Gain Competitive Advantage
    • Align your HR systems choices and your talent strategy
  6. OnDemand Webinar: Workforce Planning in the Utilities Industry

    Presented by: Rana Hobbs, Senior Director of Workforce Planning

    In addition to growing workforce issues such as pending loss of significant talent, rapidly aging infrastructure, and trends in energy technologies, utilities also face changes in consumer behavior, regulations, and delivery models that dramatically affect how they are structured, the skill sets they require, and the way they run their business. Learn the critical planning considerations, key issues and solutions within the utilities industry.

  7. OnDemand Webinar: Workforce Planning Drives Healthcare Outcomes

    Presented by: Rana Hobbs, Senior Director of Workforce Planning

    With constantly growing and changing community and patient needs, healthcare organizations need to effectively develop and use workforce plans in order to stay competitive and to be successful. Having an effective workforce plan helps balance the mix of workers and skills, creating a better work experience for all involved.

  8. OnDemand Webinar: Making Workforce Planning Into More Than A Plan

    Workforce Planning is an integral part to running a successful business, however it is still difficult for many organizations to turn their plans into actionable…


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