1. Go 3-Dimensional with your Training: Integrate SuccessFactors Learning with JAM

    Some training makes perfect sense as a “single player game”. Harassment awareness training, for example, doesn’t need much discussion beyond an annual, self-paced online module – hopefully.

    Other training can be far more effective when you make it “3-dimensional” – incorporating the added dimension of social collaboration. Today’s adult learner wants to be involved in the discussion, not simply talked to and tested. According to the blog Online Learning Insights, the top three trends influencing social learning in 2014 will be: collaborating seamlessly; humanizing interactions; and personalizing learning (source:  You will find all these capabilities at the intersection of SuccessFactors Learning and JAM.

    At the heart of JAM is the Group. Groups provide a place to interact around a specific topic, incorporating elements of document sharing, Wikis, discussion boards, mentoring, ability to record instructional videos, and more.

    When SuccessFactors Learning is integrated with JAM, you gain the ability to associate Items (courses) with existing JAM Groups, or to auto-generate a new JAM Group for a given Item. When learners enroll in the Item, or it is assigned to them, they receive an email notification inviting them to the Group, where they can collaborate concurrent with the training. In the case of Instructor-led Training, Groups can also be associated at the Scheduled Offering level. Alternately, the trigger for Group membership can be completion of an Item – providing a way for learners to continue to share and collaborate as they apply knowledge gained.

    The SF Learning/JAM integration is also fully supported on most Mobile devices, via use of the BizX Mobile App.

    Several studies have indicated serious return on investment (ROI) with implementation of social learning. One such study (presented by ASTD: found a 28 percent reduction in the cost of content development, and a total return-on-investment of 75:1 over web-based training.

    Written By: Christopher Fellabaum, Knowledge Manager, LMS


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