End Trivial Administrative Tasks.
Add Strategic Value.

Your Challenges are Our Challenges…To Solve

You understand the critical role you need to play to partner with the C-suite to drive workforce competitive advantage. But how do you do this when you are dealing with the day-to-day demands of organizational technology, a changing workforce and resource limitations?

Disparate Systems

Exasperating workarounds across siloed and merging systems with no comprehensive view of data forces HR to function inefficiently at best.

Workforce Expectations

Today’s global economy and multi-generational, distributed workforce demand a consumer-like online experience, but your legacy system can’t come close to doing the job.

Limited Resources

Doing more with less is standard operating procedure, so improving service levels and processes is daunting, especially when you’re already at maximum capacity and have gaps in skill sets.

Aasonn HR as a Service (HRaaS) provides human capital management and benefits services in the cloud. Now you can partner with the C-Suite to optimize your resources, better utilize organizational data, provide stewardship of brand and culture—and make your workforce your competitive advantage.


Unmatched experience and best practice expertise with cloud-based implementation results in better alignment of technology with your business goals.

HR Operations

Full-service HR operations with on-shore call centers and complete transparency means you get to let go of administrative tasks and focus on more strategic endeavors.

Experience Innovation

Innovative self-service technologies enhance the employee experience for happier, more productive employees and less work for you.

Actionable Analytics

Actionable insights optimize your investment in your workforce by putting decision-making tools at your fingertips.

Aasonn Delivers, So You Can…

Identify and eliminate resource and budget waste

Optimize resources by eliminating administrative, process and budget waste, freeing these resources and funds to impact business goals and human capital investment.

Re-engineer to best practices for operational excellence

Re-invest operational excellence savings and establish best practices so you can increase efficiencies with intelligent uses of technology and focus more on driving business performance.

Engage your workforce to be the steward of your brand and strategy

Align and engage employees as culture and brand stewards to become the driving force for growth, inspired by better business intelligence and informed business decisions.

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