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  1. OnDemand Webinar: Making Workforce Planning Into More Than A Plan

    Workforce Planning is an integral part to running a successful business, however it is still difficult for many organizations to turn their plans into actionable next steps – appropriately tailored for their business and industry. All too often Workforce Planning is considered a discretionary activity or academic exercise done behind closed doors rather than an essential part of how business is run.

    Click here to view a webinar covering the core components of Workforce Planning, and show scenario planning and gap analysis in headcount/skills/competencies, foundational to assigning targeted actions. 

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    • Core components to Workforce Planning
    • Turning workforce plans into action plans
    • How to align all aspects of integrated talent management with the action plan outcomes from strategic workforce planning

    By leveraging technology and modeling techniques, organizations can use their historical workforce trends to forecast out a future state of their workforce. From there, we will focus on how those strategic plans inform and dictate the rest of the talent management functions and business overall. Headcount budgets, recruiting plans, goals, L&D programs, and all other aspects of talent management should align and support the strategic workforce plans. It is this action and integration that ensures Workforce Planning becomes embedded into the daily course of business. As such, the necessary incremental steps are made so that the business is in position to have the required workforce to take advantage of opportunity and execute on strategies.

    With this level of alignment, managers and employees alike are accountable and empowered to achieve the desired outcomes and understand how their efforts are supporting the execution of the larger business strategies. Workforce Planning can take many forms within different organizations but ultimately the measure of its success if whether it is a part of the natural rhythm of business planning and integrated talent management activities.

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