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SuccessFactors Analytics and Reporting

In order to optimize your big investment in your people, having key performance and talent information and metrics at your fingertips is critical. Yet, most organizations feel they are running blind since available employee data is usually stale, incomplete, and hard-to-access.

Synthesize raw data into actionable insights about your company.

SuccessFactors Analytics and Reporting puts in-depth information about your workforce at your fingertips, presenting it in a flexible, meaningful, and intuitive way. Using our reporting and analytics, you’ll be able to better evaluate what’s happening at your company from both a macro and micro view.

Become more responsive. Gather timely and detailed information about your organization so you can make quicker, better-informed decisions.

Get a 360 Degree view. Gain a cross-functional perspective on your organization that reaches across all areas of your company’s talent and performance management.

Turn mere data into powerful insights. Pinpoint and analyze trends across your company and generate customized reports to find the answers you need.

SuccessFactors Analytics and Reporting is part of an integrated suite of modules that address issues ranging from recruiting to performance, from compensation to succession, and everything in between.

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