1. A partner glimpse on the most recent SuccessFactors Compensation innovations, plus a few tips and tricks: interview with Peter Sass from Aasonn

    *This was originally posted on the SAP Community Network. View Original Post here. Peter Sass has extensive compensation domain knowledge, with over 25 years of…

  2. Is Your Learning Management System Firing on All Cylinders? Consider a Professional Tune-up!

    Written by: Christopher Fellabaum, Knowledge Manager, LMS

    So, your Learning Management System (LMS) is up and running, perhaps for some time – but is it delivering all the horsepower it can? Whether you have been live for three months or three years, performance gains can always be found. There are two reliable ways of determining where you need improvements: asking your users, and asking a professional.

  3. How to Keep Your Talent System Aligned with Your Evolving Talent Strategy

    Written by: Emily Liddle, Strategy Consultant

    No single success factor ensures ultimate business success and high performance. Multiple factors drive organizational value, sustainability, and maturity. Some of these factors are more critical than others to driving business execution and growth. Before an organization can tackle the challenge of optimizing talent, they must align their talent systems with their operational processes and strategies.

  4. IT Workers Remain Confident as Industry Transforms

    Quoted: Allen Peterson, CEO of Aasonn

    Allen Peterson, CEO of SAP partner Aasonn and former back-end IT professional, believes adaptation will be necessary. “In the next 10 years, it’s likely the majority, if not all, IT services will be some sort of cloud program,” Peterson says. “IT workers need to understand that this won’t eliminate the need for them, but just require a different skillset.”

  5. Turn Insights Into Action: The Power of Data-Driven Decisions

    Presented by Rana Hobbs, Senior Director of Workforce Planning, Aasonn and Ceil Tilney, Senior Strategy Consultant, Aasonn

    Join Aasonn at the 10th HR Metrics Summit for a workshop on developing metrics to match your business needs and facilitate fact-based decision making. According to a study conducted by KPMG, data analytics is the most commonly cited area for planned HR technology investment for the next 3 years.

  6. The Cloud Part 3: A software transformation or the evolution of the workforce?

    Written by: Emily Liddle, Talent Strategy Consultant at Aasonn 

    The companies of tomorrow are being formed literally overnight and can accelerate at a pace that wasn’t possible in the past. While this is great if you’re the new company, when it’s someone else’s company, you face new competitive situations more quickly than ever before. The Millennial workforce is changing your IT and software needs and competition for top talent has already started. Are you ready?

  7. Aasonn Sponsors SuccessConnect 2013

    Aasonn is a proud sponsor of SuccessConnect 2013 and would like to invite you to share with us this great experience!

  8. The Cloud Part 2: A software transformation or the evolution of the workforce?

    Written by: Emily Liddle, Talent Strategy Consultant at Aasonn

    Cloud systems support the Millennial’s work style, which if managed well, can be a more efficient and effective way of doing business. Today there is more emphasis and increased scrutiny on the linkage of technology delivery and business outcomes – cloud software increases the speed of innovation and drives higher business execution.

  9. The Cloud Part 1: A software transformation or the evolution of the workforce?

    Written by: Emily Liddle, Talent Strategy Consultant at Aasonn

    It’s clear that moving to the cloud is no longer a trend: it is the way we get things done. If it be personal or professional, there has been a culture shift in how we communicate and retain information, and the cloud has become the supporting solution. The big benefit of cloud technology is that it allows you to operate successfully in environments with maximum business velocity.

  10. Appreciating People: An Asset Perspective of Human Capital Return on Investment

    Co-Authored by: Kirk Hallowell, Ph.D., Senior Strategy Consultant, Aasonn, and Erik Berggren, Vice President of Customer Results & Global Research, SuccessFactors

    There is growing agreement among the ranks of Human Capital strategists that talent and effectiveness of its people largely determine the value of an organization. There is considerably less agreement on how the value of people is predicted, measured, and optimized. At this time, there is no set of consistently defined and widely accepted metrics to measure the return on investment in human capital.

  11. OnDemand Webinar: Five Tips for Keeping Your Talent Systems Aligned with Your Evolving Strategy

    Presented by: Doty Sinclair, Vice President of Talent Strategy and Emily Liddle, Strategy Consultant

    Technology does not stand-alone; its real power is experienced when there is a shared understanding of how your Talent Management System (TMS) contributes to your talent and business initiatives – now and in the future. Most organizations are missing the opportunity to establish a consistent, flexible blueprint that links their advancing talent strategy to their technology architecture.

  12. OnDemand Webinar Series: The Next Generation of HR Systems

    Presented by: Lisa Atkins – Professional Services Consultant, Rana Hobbs – Senior Director of Workforce Planning, Ceil Tilney – Senior Strategy Consultant, Kirk Hallowell – Senior Strategy Consultant

    In this series, you will learn how you can…

    • Leverage your Talent with an integrated and flexible solution to meet your organization’s needs
    • Gain Competitive Advantage
    • Align your HR systems choices and your talent strategy
  13. Aasonn Transforms Global Financial Management Operations With Rapid Implementation of Cloud Solutions from SAP

    Aasonn is First Company to Implement SAP® Cloud for Financials Solution; Integrates With SAP® Cloud for Travel Solution

  14. Aasonn BizX2 Blueprint Strategy

    Written by: Emily Liddle, Strategy Consultant

    It’s a given that your business has evolved since you implemented your system. Maybe you’ve added new products, or moved into new markets. Maybe mergers or changing regulations are demanding new skills of your workforce. In response, maybe you have added quarterly reviews to your annual review cycle, or your CEO wants managers participating in calibration sessions. Whatever it might be, your business environment includes a varied collection of applications and business processes that will continue to organically evolve over time.


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