1. SAP SAPPHIRE + ASUG Conference 2015

    Aasonn is proud to sponsor the SAP SAPPHIRE  NOW+ ASUG 2015 Conference from May 5-7. SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference is the ultimate opportunity to maximize your SAP investment and find solutions to your most pressing business challenges.

    Through face-to-face interactions with executives, industry experts, peers, and SAP partners, you’ll be able to leverage diverse points of view as you expand your business network. Learn best practices, explore cutting-edge solutions, and discover ways to reduce complexity in your business. With hundreds of sessions, you have the ability to customize your experience based on what’s most important to you.

    When: May 5-7
    Where: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando Florida

    Join us in our Microforum Discussion on Wednesday, May 06 at 5 PM in the Lines of Business Microforum 1.

    Speaker: Jose Lopez
    Title:  Unlock the True Value of Succession Planning
    Abstract:  This discussion explores the strategic advantage gained by building succession plans at all levels within an organization. Discover why companies that develop deep talent pipelines enjoy greater employee engagement, higher retention rates, and better-prepared leadership candidates.


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