AASONN HR as a Service

Aasonn HR as a Service (HRaaS) provides human capital management and benefits services in the cloud. Now you can partner with the C-Suite to optimize your resources, better utilize organizational data, provide stewardship of brand and culture—and make your workforce your competitive advantage.

Human Capital ManagementBenefits

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Our HCM services support acquiring, developing and optimizing your most valued asset – your workforce. By leveraging an integrated platform for efficient management of Core HR, Talent, Payroll, Time and Attendance, you can focus on getting the highest return on your human capital investments and leveraging strategies to drive your workforce competitive advantage.



Aasonn configures systems that fit each individual customer through collaboration and consultation while recommending best practices. We tailor our proven cloud-based HR, payroll and benefits solutions to help you eliminate resource and budget waste and create operational excellence. Our implementation process aligns your key business drivers for an improved end-user experience and a realignment of HCM toward a more strategic focus.

Our Implementation Process Aligns with Your Business Needs

Project Methodology

Our experience isn’t trivial – it’s essential.

  • Holistic approach marries the intricacies of your business with our industry best practices insights
  • Focus methodology garnered from over 5000 world-wide implementations
  • HR Transformation expertise pilots you through change management hurdles transforming your HR organization for optimal workforce competitive advantage

Custom-fit Technology

Cloud-based technology balanced with your unique business requirements.

  • Our collaborative and consultative approach ensures that the technology we configure and implement fits your organization and meets your needs

Rapid Deployment Solution

Productivity in half in the time.

  • Our products are pre-built to a best-practices driven standard
  • Ideal for companies that need to quickly and efficiently replace current, fragmented processes and systems with a single, best-practices based model

Centers of Excellence

A wealth of HR and technology industry knowledge.

  • Information provided by Aasonn experts garnered from thousands of projects and industry leading dialogues
  • A dedicated team of individuals each with a specific area of expertise – devoted to product mastery and HR thought leadership
  • Find the answers you need from anywhere, anytime—whitepapers, videos, webinars and presentations—they’re all right here


On-demand, dedicated consulting services.

  • Supports your SuccessFactors applications administration and internal talent management needs
  • Bridges gaps and provides your HR team with the on-demand answers to extract the full value from your SuccessFactors investment
  • Response when you need it, during the time zone of your choice


HR Operations


Our best-practice, cloud based HR Operations answers the “do more with less” drumbeat of today’s HR departments. Our end-to-end business process outsourcing services are focused on a positive employee experience. With dedicated, on-shore and tailored call center support, powered by best-practice process standardization, you will simplify and streamline as we manage all, or part, of your HCM functions.

Full-Service HR Operations So You Can Make Better Use of Your Resources

Best Practice Total Solution

Our solution gives you the best standards and processes available in the industry.

  • Powered with Success Factors’ Talent Administration, Reporting and Analytics, and Learning Management combined with best in class Payroll, Benefits Administration, Leave Administration, Compliance & Governance, and Time Administration.
  • “Start anywhere” modular approach for all HR, Talent Management, Benefits and Payroll needs
  • Our end-to-end offering means we manage all vendor relationships for you

Dedicated-to-you resources

The best customer experience available.

  • Industry-leading technology applications drive high levels of employee engagement, self-service adoption and “just-in-time” training
  • Interactions with onshore industry professionals with HR acumen who are available when you need them
  • Service delivery advisors who are dedicated to your company only for an industry differentiating, highly personalized experience

Right size administrative functions and costs

Repurpose your HR assets toward your more strategic endeavors.

  • One contract, predictable cost and one point of accountability
  • Single subscription agreement which includes all systems and services
  • Improved employee experience through FAQ’s, policies, procedures and training at employee’s fingertips – right sizing these functions and empowering employees
  • Enables proactive planning of your HR resources for upcoming service events (e.g. Benefits Open Enrollment, Compensation Planning, etc.) or changes in your business goals.

Complete transparency

Insights to keep you in control

  • Dashboard metrics show you real time performance including SLA performance, employee experience ratings, employee self-service adoption levels, transaction volumes, average response times, channel volumes and preferences, and service area inquiry volumes
  • Centralized reporting means one source of truth for business decisions
  • Service Level Agreements hold Aasonn accountable and ensure the services you signed up for are the services you receive
  • Accelerates the identification of performance challenges
  • Annual strategic assessments for continuous improvement initiatives

Next Generation Product and Technology

Offerings to keep you on top of the latest industry, legislative and product trends.

  • Never worry about technology upgrades or product availability – we do that for you
  • Our cloud-delivered HR Operations services mean access to data and functionality is available anywhere, anytime
  • Walk-Thru technology guides employees through HR, Talent Management, payroll and benefits activities – freeing you and empowering them
  • Systems and processes are always up-to-date with the latest legislation

VIDEO: Walkthrough Navigation Support

Aason has built in navigation support. WalkThru Navigation is specific, step-by-step guidance. It is Proactive Support designed to treat customer pain and confusion BEFORE it starts.

VIDEO: Featured Customer Story – Harte Hanks

Aason has built in navigation support. WalkThru Navigation is specific, step-by-step guidance. It is Proactive Support designed to treat customer pain and confusion BEFORE it starts.

Experience Innovation


Experience satisfaction knowing your employees use Aasonn’s self-service technologies that provide guided access to answering questions or completing processes. Our solid, results driven technology is designed solely with the user experience in mind. Your employees will comfortably adopt our innovative technologies resulting in your support burden being relieved and your efforts repurposed toward more strategic and comprehensive HCM goals.

Improve User Engagement and Adoption with Innovative Technologies

GPS for HR:

WalkMe technology is self-help that really helps!

  • Employee engagement – For those infrequent HR events, it can be hard to remember what to do. Whether its maternity leaves or address changes, GPS-like guidance escorts the employee through the actual steps
  • Segmentation – Personalized Walk-Thrus segmented by user groups increase user adoption (i.e. new users might see a “navigation” Walk-Thru)
  • Productivity – Employees take less time chasing “how to” in HR, with WalkMe technology features like widgets, permalinks, launcher or auto play to efficiently get answers and just as quickly return to their jobs
  • Repurposed HR – Innovative technology replaces your lower level HR support thereby reducing costs and allowing your valuable HR resources to focus instead on higher level HCM needs

What you don’t know, you can’t improve.

Analytics provide deeper understanding to drive greater employee engagement.

  • Realize site flow and how to mitigate common problem areas
  • Identify processes and levels of completion
  • View real employee access numbers to validate engagement

No More Shelfware

The most expensive technology is the one you don’t use.

  • Innovative WalkMe tools reduce training expenses with faster mastery of processes
  • Increased employee satisfaction results from fewer support requests and fewer mistakes with faster results


Actionable Analytics


Seeing data patterns applied and acted upon in a meaningful way is a highly effective mechanism for deeper HR engagement in the workforce, and for evolving the HR function. Aasonn’s Analytics are consultatively configured to create prescriptive solutions to real business issues, so you can impact your business and drive workforce competitive advantage.

Drive Workforce Competitive Advantage Using Actionable Data

Hone Business Strategies

Data you need to meet your goals.

  • Identify indicators of organizational effectiveness and formulate data-based strategy to achieve your corporate goals.
  • Identify and use the exact data you need to mitigate issues
  • Simplify the measurement of complex organizational mobility in a single, simple visual that spans workforce segment, business unit, location, or job family
  • Relate organization information by correlating core HR and talent data with financial, CRM and survey data
  • Consultative guidance helps you establish which metrics are relevant to your goals and will recommend strategies proven to deliver positive outcomes

Create workforce effectiveness

Initiatives based on evidence, not intuition.

  • Modeling capabilities help you understand how the movement of talent impacts hiring decisions, cost models, career-pathing initiatives, success plans and risk management
  • Drill down to second and third level probing questions for even more details to help reach your goals
  • Analyze not just HR and talent data, but connect to and correlate data from across HR, business and operations systems to gain a unified view of the impact of HR programs on business performance

Know your workforce

Valuable data offers extensive workforce insight.

  • Powerful, easy-to-use drag and drop interface allows you to correlate multiple data streams and analyze across measure and dimensions – all from one location
  • Metrics and benchmarks from real transactional data. Consistent definitions and benchmarks can be viewed by dimensions (e.g. gender, age and ethnic background) or by job characteristics (e.g. function, tenure or salary)
  • Headlines are a feature which continually mine HR and talent data, find pain points and hot spots relevant to each manager, and present custom alerts to individual managers in common language
  • Predefined questions help you arrive at analysis and benchmarks, answer common and critical human capital questions and drill into detail to understand root causes, trends, hotspots or inefficiencies


User Adoption & Training


Aasonn develops, coordinates and designs training solutions and services that range from strategy development to multiple forms of training delivery. We have the capabilities to help you optimize workforce performance by helping you keep pace with the rapidly changing skill sets and knowledge requirements within your organization’s competitive marketplace. Whether you have a need to quickly train a small audience, or you need to rollout a phased Training Strategy, we can help.

We can:
  • Prepare you and your organization to actively engage in the training process
  • Alleviate the guesswork in making sound training decisions
  • Support your end users every step throughout the implementation
Investigate any of our exceptional training solutions and services below:


Our integrated platform of Benefits services, analytics and supplier management provides you with the tools and resources to more effectively manage your Benefits Essentials, Health and Welfare, Absence and Voluntary Benefits. The personalized experience drives engagement, while the improved health and wellbeing outcomes fuel your workforce competitive advantage.



Whether a la carte or full service, our cloud-based Benefit services offering empowers you to effectively manage your HR resources, your employee’s health and wellbeing, and your benefit costs all on a single platform. Our total solution benefit services liberate your benefits team from the day-to-day tactical burden to focus on what matters most as a strategic business partner.

  • Robust health management programs engage individuals in their own care for improved treatment outcomes and reduce costs in a sustainable way
  • Credibility among purchasers from a combination of professionals with substantial experience driving healthcare innovations in the marketplace
  • Industry-leading win-win vendor management and integration practices take that burden off your shoulders
  • Recommended annual plan designs and supporting incentive schema provided in our total solution
  • Choice of three tiers of service for several benefit categories

Benefits Operations

Get More with Less

Our benefit operations deliver a comprehensive workforce health and absence management offering with personalized benefits, unique analytic human capital consulting services and advanced health management partners and programs. We do the “heavy lifting” – you get the “beneficial” results!

  • Best-in-class suppliers in a single comprehensive benefit set of offerings
  • Partial list of benefits offered include medical, pharmacy, wellbeing, dental, vision, COBRA, STD, LTD, ADA, and leave management
  • Industry-leading protocols for all supporting suppliers defined and in place at all critical touch points of the employee experience
  • Our proactive, integrated analytics and support approach ensures that the right resources are provided to employees and their family members at the right time
VIDEO: Walkthrough Navigation Support

Aason has built in navigation support. WalkThru Navigation is specific, step-by-step guidance. It is Proactive Support designed to treat customer pain and confusion BEFORE it starts.

VIDEO: Featured Customer Story – Harte Hanks

Aason has built in navigation support. WalkThru Navigation is specific, step-by-step guidance. It is Proactive Support designed to treat customer pain and confusion BEFORE it starts.

Experience Innovation

Benefits … Now it’s Personal

Our employee engagement technologies transform employees’ health benefits to the personalized experience it should be resulting in increased enrollee satisfaction, wellbeing and greater employee productivity. We maintain an innovative pipeline and look for win-win partnerships with suppliers and employees, producing industry-leading workforce experiences.

  • Employee engagement technologies embed personalized guidance to help employees navigate through their benefits decisions and become an involved healthcare consumer
  • Ongoing, personalized enrollee communications enhance the member experience and guide appropriate resource utilization and outcomes

Actionable Analytics

Promises that Actually Deliver

Actionable analytics, predictive insights and recommended actions will help you draw out the competitive advantage that your workforce can provide. And it’s all backed by a trend guarantee.

  • Meaningful and comprehensive human capital management analytics facilitate identification of root causes for health cost drivers and identification of waste, enabling intelligent course corrections and ongoing management
  • For the first time, see the total picture of where all your human capital investments are being spent and get perspective on how to meet the C-suite goals of greater employee engagement and performance

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