We've partnered with WalkMe™ to increase user adoption & boost productivity

Now you can simplify user experience using insights, engagement and guidance capabilities.


What is WalkMe™?

WalkMeTM is a digital adoption platform used to guide and simplify the user experience. It is a GPS-like system for HTML-based applications and it works wonderfully with SAP® SuccessFactors®!

Why we think WalkMe™ is important

“Using technology should be the way we overcome challenges, not the challenge itself.” -WalkMe™

WalkMe is invaluable for user adoption. If we expect users to adopt a new system we need to give them training and guidance.

Learning is a life cycle process. A scalable end-user training and user adoption strategy must be flexible enough to accommodate both a small and large numbers of users, new hires and existing users needing a refresher or to learn new processes. By helping organizations reap the full potential of their digital assets, WalkMe is able to boost overall productivity and bottom line benefits. We believe that effective training and deployment sets proper end-user expectations, right from the start!

WalkMe adds value by:

  • Increasing self-service adoption
    • Ensure a user has the necessary support content to complete the task efficiently
    • Allow users the opportunity to rethink end-to-end processes
  • Improving data quality
    • Ensure your system of record is clean to drive operational analytics
    • Reduce support costs in downstream processes thanks to clean and complete data
  • Reducing your support cost
    • In-platform guidance empowers employees to complete processes independently
    • HR and/or support team can now focus on HR strategy as opposed to transactional HR
  • Continuously improving process
    • Leveraging analytics to improve diagnosis of problems and solutions
    • Provides data to support and justify business investments

Our WalkMe Packages

The versatile applications of WalkMe and SAP SuccessFactors is very exciting! Each application is controlled, designed and rolled out by you (with our help)!

Here is an overview of our WalkMe packages:

WalkMe & SAP SuccessFactors

Aasonn’s various levels of learning services are inclusive of a blended approach; combining traditional learning with WalkMe on-demand learning reinforcement. With a variety of options to choose from, we can meet the needs of that small customer all the way up to that Enterprise customer.

WalkMeTM is an excellent complement to any system process training program and SuccessFactors® roll-out:

  • The GPS-like navigational instructions can be deployed in various languages for a global impact.
  • WalkThru Navigation provides specific step-by-step guidance that makes employee self-service simple and attractive.
  • Increase system adoption and productivity – Complete real-time tasks with system guidance.
  • Reduce frustration, complete tasks quickly and confidently the first time – without taking time contacting HR for help.
  • Use Launchers for quick access to interactive guidance, reference documents and navigation to other sites.
  • SmartTips allow user validation for information entered into the system.
  • Use ShoutOuts to create announcements for new features and reminders for completing tasks
  • Drive change management – Reinforce your focus on the employee experience and the dedication to organizational change.
  • Reduce support costs by minimizing errors, reducing the number of support requests, shortening support handling time.


You don’t learn everything in life by reading a manual. So, if you have questions about our products, services, implementation, getting started, or anything else, please ask us. Our highly trained staff is ready to help.