1. Managing the Social Recruiting Presence

    Written by: Ceil Tilney, Senior Strategy Consultant, Aasonn

    Today, social media has made it possible for recruiters to source for more than the words in a resume. Recent Bersin by Deloitte research estimates that about 6% of the total recruiting spend is now on social sites, and that number is expected to rise dramatically in the coming years. LinkedIn has become the dominant platform for recruiting, often replacing traditional job boards like Monster and Career Builder as the place for job seekers and recruiters to connect. Facebook, Twitter and specialized social sites are not far behind.

  2. HR Strategy Discussion and Baseball Event for Public Utilities Industry

    Public Utilities: Preparing for the Aging Workforce Please join Aasonn and SAP for a discussion on HR strategy, followed by watching the Phillies face the…

  3. On Your Next Trip to the Cloud

    Written by: Allen Peterson, President and CEO, Aasonn

    Have you ever wondered about the biggest “gotcha’s” in moving critical enterprise software applications to the cloud? If you’re smart (and we suspect you are), mitigating risk is the first thing you think about before you make any major change. You include IT from the beginning in the conversation about integration with your existing IT assets. You only consider applications from leading firms in mature cloud software areas. You’re careful to select a reputable firm as your system integrator (SI).

  4. Corporate Travel: It Isn’t a Policy, It’s a Talent Management Strategy

    Written by: Rana Hobbs, Senior Director of Workforce Planning, Aasonn

    If we think about the challenges organizations face regarding employee travel, it very quickly turns from a matter of corporate travel policy to corporate travel strategy. What was a simple question about technology actually started a much larger discussion on corporate culture, quality of hire and onboarding, and other larger areas within HR and Talent Management.

  5. Significant Updates to SAP Financials OnDemand

    WALLDORF, Germany, March 19, 2013– SAP NEWSBYTE — SAP AG (SAP) today announced significant updates to the SAP® Financials OnDemand solution, including tighter integration with…

  6. Three Golden Rules for User Adoption

    Written by: Adrienne Lord | Director, Aasonn University

    If you read the studies or even Google technical or software training – you’ll soon see that there is a lot of information out there about the best way to teach students. You can read for hours on the latest and greatest technology and the arguments for or against a certain modality of training. You can get yourself utterly confused with all the different options: is eLearning better? Is “in person” better? What about Webinars vs. a job aid?

  7. Elevator Pitch to Gramma

    By Rana Hobbs; Senior Director of Workforce Planning, Aasonn

    Gramma, when an organization wants to open up a new store, expand into a new country, launch a new product, or serve their customers in a new way, I make sure they do so with full visibility into who their best employees are, where they are located, where they came from, what skills they have, what skills they’ll need, whose near retirement, and how many new people they will need to hire.

  8. LMS Implementation Consultant

    Summary The LMS Implementation Consultant will be responsible for and lead the company’s implementation and configuration of SuccessFactors LMS software for SMB and enterprise customers….

  9. Implementation Consultant, HRIS

    Summary The HRIS Implementation Consultant supports the HR business of Aasonn and is responsible for all aspects of conduct SuccessFactors Employee Central HRIS implementation projects…

  10. ATS Implementation Consultant

    Summary The ATS Implementation Consultant will be responsible for and lead the company’s implementation and configuration of SuccessFactors Recruiting software for SMB and enterprise customers….

  11. Implementation Consultant, Performance Management

    Summary The Performance Management Implementation Consultant supports the talent business of Aasonn and is responsible for all aspects of conduct SuccessFactors Core Products implementation projects…

  12. It’s Not 1995 Anymore Toto!

    by Greg Damian; Director, SAP Professional Services Aasonn
    (Author’s Note: Mr. Damian was formerly employed at both J.D. Edwards and PeopleSoft after the acquisition and most recently, SAP)

    1995 was a green-field year for enterprise software. While companies such as J.D.Edwards and SAP had been around the 1970’s, large enterprises were mainly running proprietary software, if anything at all. By 1995, the IT landscape was beginning to change. J.D.Edwards World application for AS/400 and SAP R/3 running on a variety of platforms began to mature and catch the attention of large enterprise decision makers. Its value proposition was compelling, and impressive growth and consolidation of enterprise software companies ensued.

  13. Give Untapped Stakeholders a Role in Your Learning Management System

    Written by: Christopher Fellabaum, Knowledge Manager, LMS

    A common and glaring gap in Learning Management System (LMS) implementations is fostering effective organizational adoption. Employees at every level can play a role in shaping organization-wide perception of the system’s success or failure. Once initial decisions have been made, and the system is “stood up,” many organizations fall into the set-it-and forget-it trap of only assigning training and monitoring results. Achieving a positive impression of the system can be a more lasting challenge.

  14. SAP Business ByDesign Demonstration and Overview

    Are you trying to compete in the global marketplace with outdated applications and standalone spreadsheets that offer limited visibility? Are you struggling to deliver the…


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