1. With SAP Business ByDesign, Opportunity is closer than you think. It’s called Flexibility.

    With the economy on the rebound, new business opportunities are right around the corner. The only question is whether you — and your software —…

  2. Workforce Planning Drives Healthcare Outcomes

    Co-Authored by: Daniel W. Rasmus, Industry Expert & Rana Hobbs, Senior Director of Workforce Planning with Aasonn.

    Healthcare organization needs to have a workforce plan in place to implement an effective healthcare strategy. If Workforce Planning is not involved, health institutions will face skill shortages and staff misalignments that lead to the inability to innovate or adopt new technology, and to provide quality patient care. With constantly growing and changing community and patient needs, healthcare organizations need to effectively develop and use workforce plans in order to stay competitive and to be successful.

  3. A Call to Action: Making Workforce Planning Into More Than a Plan

    Workforce Planning is an integral part to running a successful business, however it is still difficult for many organizations to turn their plans into actionable…

  4. Healthcare Talent Strategy and the Impact on CMS Scores

    Talent Management May Impact 20% of Medicare Reimbursements by 2014 A severe shortage of skilled talent and competition in the health care industry is making the…

  5. Staff Retention and the Work Environment

    Work Environment Key to Controlling Nursing Costs Evidence suggests that a positive and healthy work environment creates better staff satisfaction, better staff retention, improved patient outcomes,…

  6. Ease the Burden for Joint Commission Compliance

    The Joint Commission HR Standards Compliance Ease the burden for Joint Commission Compliance. Job Descriptions, Competency and Skill Assessments, Licensure and Certification, Education and Training, Performance Reviews,…

  7. Using a Pay for Performance Culture to Control Labor Costs

    Service Intensity and Healthcare Wages Major Factor in Healthcare Costs In 2010, at the Symposium on Payment Solutions for Healthcare Providers and Payers in Las…

  8. Tempur-Pedic Academy: Creative and Successful

    Presented by Lindsey Chen, Professional Services Consultant, Aasonn & Kelly Gottus, Director of Learning and Development, Tempur-Pedic

    Learn how Tempur-Pedic successfully navigated through their Learning Management System (LMS) implementation and roll-out. You will learn how Tempur-Pedic is creatively using the LMS to service their internal employees by consolidating multiple learning sites as well as rolling out sales training on their new product line to external retailers all over the country! In addition to sharing these creative uses for the LMS, you see the practical implementation best practices that Tempur-Pedic leveraged and greatly benefitted from.

  9. Talent Strategies During Reorganization

    Presented by Fiona Buckley, Vice President EMEA Professional Services, Aasonn

    Learn how integrated talent management software supports your talent strategy during reorganizations by supporting your policies and processes and then connecting them for proper optimization. Talent Management software helps companies in reorganizations by: identifying top talent; defining talent needed for the future; attracting the right talent; optimizing recruitment and performance management processes; improving performance and development outcomes; motivating and developing top talent for retention; improving and streamlining learning approaches; and strategically deploying/re-deploying talent across the organization.

  10. 2.0 or not 2.0?

    Written by: Lisa Sullivan, Professional Services Director, Aasonn

    One of the major questions facing existing SuccessFactors customers is “should I implement PM 2.0?”

    With the upcoming release b1204, one of the major product hurdles has been cleared. PM 2.0 now supports the legacy Performance Management feature of providing permission based access to fields and section of a performance review form by system role (E, EM, EX, etc). This feature determines who can see certain fields and sections based on their defined role in the system.

  11. Goal Reviews Discussions are Key to High Performance

    Employers and managers should never underestimate the power of ongoing goal discussions with employees. The key to high performance goal management is to set the…


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