Cloud Solutions

  1. Aasonn Becomes Platinum Sponsor of HR2014 in Nice, France

    Aasonn is proud to announce our Platinum Sponsorship of SAPInsider’s HR2014 Conference to be held in Nice, France. The event will take place at the…

  2. SAP Virtual Innovation Day

    Aasonn is a proud sponsor of SAP Virtual Innovation Day on February 10th, 2014. Keeping up with market-shifting trends and emerging developments in the utilities industry is a daunting task. Join us and learn the Top Five Ways to impact your business.

  3. Aasonn Proud Sponsor of SAPinsider HR 2014

    We are proud to announce that we will be at the SAPinsider HR 2014. The event will take place at the Walt Disney World® Swan and Dolphin in Orlando, March 11-14, 2014. Attend to learn proven methods for continuously improving and transforming key HR processes.

  4. The Cloud Part 3: A software transformation or the evolution of the workforce?

    Written by: Emily Liddle, Talent Strategy Consultant at Aasonn 

    The companies of tomorrow are being formed literally overnight and can accelerate at a pace that wasn’t possible in the past. While this is great if you’re the new company, when it’s someone else’s company, you face new competitive situations more quickly than ever before. The Millennial workforce is changing your IT and software needs and competition for top talent has already started. Are you ready?

  5. The Cloud Part 2: A software transformation or the evolution of the workforce?

    Written by: Emily Liddle, Talent Strategy Consultant at Aasonn

    Cloud systems support the Millennial’s work style, which if managed well, can be a more efficient and effective way of doing business. Today there is more emphasis and increased scrutiny on the linkage of technology delivery and business outcomes – cloud software increases the speed of innovation and drives higher business execution.

  6. The Cloud Part 1: A software transformation or the evolution of the workforce?

    Written by: Emily Liddle, Talent Strategy Consultant at Aasonn

    It’s clear that moving to the cloud is no longer a trend: it is the way we get things done. If it be personal or professional, there has been a culture shift in how we communicate and retain information, and the cloud has become the supporting solution. The big benefit of cloud technology is that it allows you to operate successfully in environments with maximum business velocity.

  7. OnDemand Webinar Series: The Next Generation of HR Systems

    Presented by: Lisa Atkins – Professional Services Consultant, Rana Hobbs – Senior Director of Workforce Planning, Ceil Tilney – Senior Strategy Consultant, Kirk Hallowell – Senior Strategy Consultant

    In this series, you will learn how you can…

    • Leverage your Talent with an integrated and flexible solution to meet your organization’s needs
    • Gain Competitive Advantage
    • Align your HR systems choices and your talent strategy
  8. Aasonn Transforms Global Financial Management Operations With Rapid Implementation of Cloud Solutions from SAP

    Aasonn is First Company to Implement SAP® Cloud for Financials Solution; Integrates With SAP® Cloud for Travel Solution

  9. Interview: Aasonn’s SAP Cloud for Financials Deployment

    Aasonn CEO Allen Peterson was recently interviewed by Jon Reed on Aasonn’s implementation of SAP Cloud for Financials and SAP Cloud for Travel at the…

  10. Empower the 21st Century CFO with a New Breed of Cloud-Based Solutions

    Presented by: Allen Peterson, CEO of Aasonn at SAPPIRE NOW and ASUG Conference

    Enable the office of the CFO to reach every business user, improve business performance, enhance collaboration, and turn insight into action in the right context. Hear as Aasonn CEO, Allen Peterson, shares Aasonn’s experience as the first customer of SAP Cloud for Financials solution and SAP Cloud for Travel solution.

  11. On Your Next Trip to the Cloud

    Written by: Allen Peterson, President and CEO, Aasonn

    Have you ever wondered about the biggest “gotcha’s” in moving critical enterprise software applications to the cloud? If you’re smart (and we suspect you are), mitigating risk is the first thing you think about before you make any major change. You include IT from the beginning in the conversation about integration with your existing IT assets. You only consider applications from leading firms in mature cloud software areas. You’re careful to select a reputable firm as your system integrator (SI).


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