Learning Management Systems

  1. What’s in It for Me? Enhance Your Investment with Elective Learning

    Written by: Christopher Fellabaum, Knowledge Manager, LMS

    Are you using your Learning Management System (LMS) as a “push only” vehicle – i.e. Do what you’re told? If so, your employees probably see your LMS as an annual obligation: sexual harassment training, or code of conduct training. Those are negative, (and usually boring) subjects. Neither build enthusiasm, nor much return on investment.

  2. Manage Risk with Better Learning

    Written by: Ceil Tilney, Senior Strategy Consultant

    In 2012, The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) conducted 93,438 inspections; found 200,662 violations; and levied nearly $200 million in fines.

    Some of the infractions were unavoidable, others could have been prevented with more easily available learning. The problems aren’t limited to the high-stress workplaces we often associate with OSHA.

  3. Is Your Learning Management System Firing on All Cylinders? Consider a Professional Tune-up!

    Written by: Christopher Fellabaum, Knowledge Manager, LMS

    So, your Learning Management System (LMS) is up and running, perhaps for some time – but is it delivering all the horsepower it can? Whether you have been live for three months or three years, performance gains can always be found. There are two reliable ways of determining where you need improvements: asking your users, and asking a professional.

  4. LMS Implementation Consultant

    Summary The LMS Implementation Consultant will be responsible for and lead the company’s implementation and configuration of SuccessFactors LMS software for SMB and enterprise customers….

  5. Give Untapped Stakeholders a Role in Your Learning Management System

    Written by: Christopher Fellabaum, Knowledge Manager, LMS

    A common and glaring gap in Learning Management System (LMS) implementations is fostering effective organizational adoption. Employees at every level can play a role in shaping organization-wide perception of the system’s success or failure. Once initial decisions have been made, and the system is “stood up,” many organizations fall into the set-it-and forget-it trap of only assigning training and monitoring results. Achieving a positive impression of the system can be a more lasting challenge.

  6. Tempur-Pedic Academy: Creative and Successful

    Presented by Lindsey Chen, Professional Services Consultant, Aasonn & Kelly Gottus, Director of Learning and Development, Tempur-Pedic

    Learn how Tempur-Pedic successfully navigated through their Learning Management System (LMS) implementation and roll-out. You will learn how Tempur-Pedic is creatively using the LMS to service their internal employees by consolidating multiple learning sites as well as rolling out sales training on their new product line to external retailers all over the country! In addition to sharing these creative uses for the LMS, you see the practical implementation best practices that Tempur-Pedic leveraged and greatly benefitted from.


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