Performance Management

  1. Performance Management Implementation – What I wish I knew before my implementation from a Customer’s perspective….

    Written By: Christine Miller, Knowledge Manager, Performance Management As a consultant, I often look back at my implementations searching for lessons learned.  What can I…

  2. Implementation Consultant, Performance Management

    Summary The Performance Management Implementation Consultant supports the talent business of Aasonn and is responsible for all aspects of conduct SuccessFactors Core Products implementation projects…

  3. Turn Your Talent Management Projects into Strategies that Drive Real Results

    Presented by: Chris Christy Healthcare Principal, SAP and Jennifer Pugh Healthcare Account Manager, Aasonn

    Most healthcare providers are unable to turn business strategy into results because of poor or unfocused execution by their workforce. For many, there is a gap between their employees’ intentions and actions. We believe that the human resources department is the key to eliminating this execution gap. And together, we can help turn your HR projects into strategies that are aligned with your organization’s strategy.

  4. Try SuccessFactors Professional Edition for Free!

    Did you know SuccessFactors has a new fully functional trial version of their Employee Profile, Goal Management, and Performance Management products? This trial includes a…

  5. Goal Reviews Discussions are Key to High Performance

    Employers and managers should never underestimate the power of ongoing goal discussions with employees. The key to high performance goal management is to set the…


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