Workforce Consulting

  1. Aasonn Proud Sponsor of the 11th HR Metrics Summit

    Aasonn is a proud sponsor at the 11th HR Metrics & Performance Management Summit.
    Listen to how workforce planning and analytics directly affects your organization’s recruiting strategies, learning and development programs, succession planning as well as employee performance. Hear key metric recommendations for each function to align with business strategies and workforce plans.

  2. Workforce Planning in the Utilities Industry

    Co-Authored by: Rana Hobbs, Senior Director of Workforce Planning and Ceil Tilney, Senior Strategy Consultant

    The Utility industry is poised to lose 36% of its workforce to retirement or attrition in the next 2 years. In addition to growing workforce issues such as pending loss of significant talent, rapidly aging infrastructure, and trends in energy technologies, utilities also face changes in consumer behavior, regulations, and delivery models that dramatically affect how they are structured, the skill sets they require, and the way they run their business.

  3. Workforce Planning Drives Healthcare Outcomes

    Co-Authored by: Daniel W. Rasmus, Industry Expert & Rana Hobbs, Senior Director of Workforce Planning with Aasonn.

    Healthcare organization needs to have a workforce plan in place to implement an effective healthcare strategy. If Workforce Planning is not involved, health institutions will face skill shortages and staff misalignments that lead to the inability to innovate or adopt new technology, and to provide quality patient care. With constantly growing and changing community and patient needs, healthcare organizations need to effectively develop and use workforce plans in order to stay competitive and to be successful.


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