1. Transparency of Identifying High Potentials

    high-potential-employeeWritten By:  Jose Lopez, Knowledge Manager, Succession

    As a project team implementing Succession Management, there are many challenges a project team needs to anticipate when it comes to executing on a successful Succession Management.  One of the challenges is the “Transparency of Identifying High Potentials”.  The notion of transparency as it relates to Succession Management can be rather difficult for many organizations.  Some organizations believe that the outcome of a Succession Management process should be closed and often feel that the management team is not equipped to properly communicate the outcomes of a Succession Management process. While it is acceptable that organizations don’t want to be as transparent, many will argue that the more successful organizations are those that are transparent and align purpose and process. So, whether your philosophy is that of a less transparent philosophy versus being truly transparent, some strategies to consider in addressing these challenges can include:

    Setting Permissions Carefully

    One of the key decisions project team members will make is around visibility. Thoroughly think through your process when it comes to establishing permissions to control the visibility of data and information. Project team members will need to decide who will be provided access to the Succession tools, and to what level of visibility should they have when working with these tools.

    Clarify Purpose, Process, and Outcomes

    The more project teams can clarify the purpose of the process and the outcome the less mysterious this becomes for all involved.


    Set clear expectation with managers about confidentiality of Talent Review discussions.

    It is possible that organizations may never arrive at a perfect way to addressing such a challenge completely, however, these strategies should be considered and developed as a way towards striving to a more successful rollout of an integrated Succession Management strategy.


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