1. Understanding the Components that make up the SuccessFactors Career Development and Planning (CDP) Model

    A common scenario that often occurs at the beginning of many implementations is one which project team members are asked to deliver on an implementation with little or no exposure to the solution that is being implemented. In my implementation experience over the years, this is especially true with the implementation of the SuccessFactors Career Development & Planning (CDP) module as it is not often clear the role that this module plays within the overall SuccessFactors BizX product suite.In general, this module consists of 3 key parts that enable organizations to empower employees to own and further their career advancement through specific development plans and actions whether it’s for their current role, future role, or general skill set.

    The development plan works as an online worksheet where short-term and long-term goals can be captured leveraging the SMART methodology. Development goals can be tied to competencies or behaviors, helping employees create relevant develop plans focused on gaps they may wish to develop.

    Tied to development goals, is the ability to create specific learning activities or actions as supporting tasks for development goals. Learning activities can be in the form of different activity types such as mentoring assignments, on the job training, or actual courses tied directly to your Learning Management System.

    The Career Worksheet allows employees to gain an understanding of the development effort required to move into a future role that they may be considering. Based on current performance, employees can critically consider where they are in their current career, where they’d like to be, and see how ready they are to take on future roles they may be considering. It answers the question: “Where can they go next?”

    In addition to the above, the Career Development & Planning module integrates with other BizX modules including:

    Performance Management

    Ability to configure an individual development section within the performance review form and identify development opportunities while completing a performance review.

    360 Reviews

    Ability to create development goals from the 360 detailed report based on ratings and feedback provided by participants in a 360 process.

    Employee Scorecard

    Ability to add a development objectives portlet to enhance the employee’s one page summary of their overall performance and development direction.

    SF Learning

    Direct integration with the SF Learning solution to add learning activities based on searching the learning/course catalog or based on competency search where courses are associated to competencies.

    Succession Management

    Integrated more from a process standpoint, the ability to create development plans and actions for successors identified for various roles/positions or for other individuals with great development opportunities.

    Let us help you explore the additional benefits of adding a Calibration process.

    Written by: Jose Lopez, Knowledge Manager, Succession & CDP


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