1. Welcome to 2016: Constant Change

    Post by Leanne Goplen Zabriskie – Product Center of Excellence Manager, Recruiting

    As we enter 2016, many people are thinking about their New Year’s resolutions and the changes they want to make in their lives. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start, and although it’s just another day on the calendar, many people see it as time for a change.

    Not me. I’m exhausted!

    Lately, it feels like everything is changing too fast, all the time. It’s been proven that constant change can lead to stress, anxiety, fatigue, withdrawal, and a sense of helplessness or despair. When things change too fast, you feel completely out of control. This is especially true for those of us who are naturally change-resistant.

    What does all of this have to do with your Recruiting solution?

    I often see customers who implemented a solution years ago, and haven’t touched their configuration since then. They are missing out on so many new features and functionality at the risk of being out of compliance because they haven’t kept systems and software up to date. I suspect that the primary reason is they feel completely overwhelmed by the frequency and complexity of the changes.

    So how do you solve this?

    Have a plan.

    1. Find out the schedule for releases or updates to your solution. Make a calendar of the applicable dates, or put reminders on your own calendar.
    2. Each time a new release comes around, review the release notes and find out if there are changes you want (or need) to implement.
    3. Keep track of these changes. Even if you only make the updates once or twice a year, don’t let them get lost in the shuffle.

    It seems like a simple thing, but backtracking through five years of unimplemented features can be tough. The trick is just to try to keep up.

    What do you do if you find that you are already way behind? There are several ways you can get caught up. One of the most straightforward and clear steps is to review your configuration and assess needs.

    I like doing optimization workshops with my customers. I dedicate time to talk with our customers about what I would do if I were to implement their solution today. Then we compare that recommendation to their current set-up and determine where we need to make changes. Information is power. When you know where the gaps are, you can prepare for change and make smarter decisions.

    Make being prepared and informed one of your New Year’s resolutions. And, change won’t be so overwhelming. We can help each other in this way. I feel better knowing this, do you?

    Happy New Year!


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