1. What is Succession Calibration?

    The Difference Between Succession Calibration and Talent Reviews

    Two major components of a high impact Succession Management process are talent calibration and talent reviews.  Some customers refer to talent calibration as Succession Calibration.  In my experience, I’ve learned that many organizations are often confused about what a Talent Review is and how this may be different or the same as Succession Calibration.  This article is intended to introduce the aspects of Succession Calibration supported within the SuccessFactors application.

    What is a Talent Review?

    Talent reviews are typically facilitated sessions which allow managers to review their direct reports collectively in terms of performance, potential to take on new roles, career development, or other aspects of their role in the organization.  Some organizations may have talent reviews with or without a formal calibration process.  Talent reviews typically engage more senior leadership team members and the process provides an opportunity to discuss targeted employees from many different perspectives.  SuccessFactors Succession Management provides a collection of tools that enable organizations to facilitate an on-going overall talent review process with opportunities to target high performing and high potential employees that organizations may wish to retain and develop.

    Succession Calibration within SuccessFactors

    One of the Succession Management tools available in SuccessFactors is Succession Calibration which facilitates the process of the actual comparison of ratings with the express purpose of maintaining consistency and quality of those ratings. The apparent trend for recent SuccessFactors customers is that many of them are incorporating the Succession Calibration tool as a fundamental component to support their overall talent review discussions enabling to focus on both short-term and future-focused needs. With the easy-to-use Succession Calibration tool, many HR Business Partners have been able to take responsibility for guiding and facilitating in-depth and focused calibration sessions in line with the organizational strategy.  As a result, HR Business Partners are better equipped to provide strong training and support for facilitation of Talent Reviews and Succession Calibration.

    While the general SuccessFactors Calibration tool does offer different types of Calibration including Performance and Compensation Calibration, Succession Calibration offers key features including:

    • A visual comparison of the Performance and Potential of individuals
    • A visual comparison of the ‘how’ vs ‘what’ perspective of individuals
    • A visual comparison of Retention vs Risk of Loss
    • Produces a clear representation of top talent and supports the identification of successor candidates
    • 9-Box interface that enables movements in the 9-box placement in real-time and records outcomes
    • Setting distribution guidelines
    • Allows for dynamic validation of ratings based on active discussions
    • Flexibility in defining end-user roles including: Facilitators, Co-Facilitators, Owners, Participants and Subjects
    • Allows quick and easy access to data from other certain modules with the SuccessFactors suite

    With HR Business Partners facilitating the Succession Calibration process, it offers HR professionals a unique opportunity to add value to their business partners in facilitating and guiding the overall Talent Review process in support of any given Succession Management strategy.

    Let us help you explore the additional benefits of adding SuccessFactors Succession Calibration.

    Author: Jose Lopez, Knowledge Manager, Succession Management


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