1. What’s in It for Me? Enhance Your Investment with Elective Learning

    Written by: Christopher Fellabaum, Knowledge Manager, LMS

    “What’s worse than training your workers and losing them? Not training them and keeping them.”

    Read more on Online Training ROI: Five Features That Positively Impact Your Bottom Line, by PeopleMatter Institute (PMI).

    Are you using your Learning Management System (LMS) as a “push only” vehicle – i.e. Do what you’re told? If so, your employees probably see your LMS as an annual obligation: sexual harassment training, or code of conduct training. Those are negative, (and usually boring) subjects. Neither build enthusiasm, nor much return on investment.

    Why not transform your LMS into an employee benefit, where team members can seek out new knowledge? When employees have access to on-demand training, they feel more valued as contributors to your organization.

    Many vendors offer robust catalogs of online training, which is typically incorporated into your existing LMS via “set it and forget it” configuration. Common topics include:

    • Microsoft Office training
    • Project Management training
    • “Soft Skill” training – e.g.:
      • Presentation & Business Communication Skills
      • Interpersonal and Team Skills
      • Personal Effectiveness Skills
      • Managerial & Supervisory Skills
      • Leadership Skills
      • Sales & Customer Service Skills
      • Cross-Cultural Skills
      • English Language Skills
      • Business Grammar
    • Industry-specific training
    • Compliance training

    You will reap benefits by moving from a “push-only” model, to one which incorporates “pull” elements – i.e. ability to browse a course catalog, and electively enroll in training that addresses specific gaps in knowledge.

    Although ROI can be tricky to quantify, a combination of upfront communication/marketing strategy, with ongoing gap analysis via utilization reporting, can go far within your organization to increase productivity and create a more positive impression of your LMS.

    Your LMS should not be purely PASSIVE – make it an ACTIVE engine of employee satisfaction!


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