1. Who is Responsible for the Succession Management Process and How Often Does it Occur?

    shutterstock_114045100By: Jose Lopez, Product Center of Excellence Manager, Succession & Career Development

    Back on September 15, 2015, I had the great pleasure of co-presenting with Lindsay Crump, Director of HR Shared Services – Talent for BTG International on the topic of Connecting the Dots with Succession Management.  This webinar focused on BTG International’s approach to Succession Management after having quite the footprint on being live and in production with several BizX modules.

    One of the interesting areas of focus was Lindsay’s sharing her thoughts on BTG International’s approach for how they approach their Succession Management process and how they engage their Managers in the process.

    What we learned is that BTG Int’l conducts ongoing checks and discussions on development plans to support Succession goals across a 3 step Talent Review process that involves:

    • HR Leadership kicking off the process with HR Business Partners
    • HR Business Partners engaging with Managers, and
    • Leadership Team Calibration

    This ongoing process allows them to very importantly, bridge the gap between their Succession Management process and the on-going development of employees which is a critical connection for a successful Succession Management implementation.

    HR Leadership Kicking Off the Process with HR Business Partners

    Some of the key activities that were described by Lindsay to support and effective kick-off process included:

    • Training HRBPs on the system
    • Reviewed consistent approach for manager meetings
    • Agreed to timelines for initial discussions and ongoing partnership
    • Discussed Role Based Permission settings and implications

    While the above activities seem straightforward, we cannot overlook the need for training the key stakeholders that will be involved in the process and for defining consistency for how the approach is going to be handled.

    HR Business Partners Engaging With Managers

    A common theme that I’ve seen with many of my customers is putting the ownership on HR Business Partners to drive engagement with Managers involved in the Succession Management process placing HR Business Partners right in the middle of this strategic process.  BTG International’s approach was similar with how they engaged their Managers including:

    • HRBPs hold meetings with leaders to review their talent and discuss succession plans
    • Lower level Calibration meetings held as needed

    Another positive for BTG International’s approach for engaging with Managers was to keep the process simple and to show this process as a partnership between HR and Managers.  They clearly identified the Managers’ responsibility for completing their employees’ Talent Profile and Nominating Successors for their role and the roles reporting to them, while at the same time providing quick reference guides and consistent questions to review with managers to aid with creating effective development plans for employees.

    Leadership Team Calibration

    Lastly, Lindsay also described their use of Leadership Team Calibration sessions to have formal 9-box discussions and to review successor readiness through these sessions.   It was interesting to note that Lindsay emphasized that the BizX Calibration Tool is one of the tools utilized, but not the only tool.  The key for them is finding the right places to utilize the tool, rather than applying a broad stroke.

    In summary, I truly enjoyed co-presenting with Lindsay Crump on September 15, 2015.  Overall, BTG’s approach to their Succession implementation was one that I enjoyed being a part of as their implementation consultant.


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