1. Work Smarter, Not Harder

    shutterstock_205301971 448x 336Written by: Leanne Zabriskie, Knowledge Manager, Recruiting

    At home, there is one job I absolutely refuse to do.  (To this day, it still drives my mother crazy.)  I will not dry dishes.  I have a theory that it is the only job that, if left alone long enough, will just do itself.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if more jobs were that way?  What if we could focus on the really
    important work, and let the other stuff just take care of itself?  I hear from my customers over and over that they want a system that can automate the easy stuff so recruiters can do the, well…the good stuff.

    There are some jobs that require a personal touch.  There is no way to automate the individual talents that good recruiters have.  Good recruiters have the gift of relationship and the skill of assessment.  Most recruiters I know want to spend their time on these things.  This is often why they got into recruiting and what makes them good at it.

    Some jobs just don’t require that kind of attention.  These are the things that should be built into your recruiting solution, so the system does the work for you.

    What jobs can do themselves?

    • Determining Ideal Marketing Channels:  Your solution should have built-in reporting and dashboards that analyze your advertising spend, success rate, and sources of hire to recommend future campaign strategies.
    • Posting Requisitions:  If you are logging in to job board sites to post your positions, you need to consider an integrated solution that will take your requisition from approval to posting to distribution with no additional steps.
    • Meeting Compliance Requirements:  If you are required to post jobs with certain agencies to meet legal requirements, you shouldn’t have to remember to do this every time you post a job.  Your system should take care of this for you.
    • Building Social Networks:  If each of your recruiters has an individual network or following of potential candidates, you are not leveraging the full power of a social presence.  Your recruiting solution should have tools that combine each individual’s reach to build a larger community.
    • Delivering Email Campaigns:  Your solution should allow recruiters to reach out directly to a targeted group of community members when there are specific opportunities available.  They shouldn’t have to spend time building mailing lists or finding email addresses.
    • Optimize Search Opportunities:  Your solution should provide Search Engine Optimization and ensure the quality of data in your postings.

    Traditionally, recruiters were “people” people.  As technology has invaded every aspect of our jobs, recruiters have had to become more and more adept at the systems side of things.  We need to find a way to use these systems to help recruiters do what they need to do – spend time talking to the right candidates, networking with the right people, and attending the right events.

    Is your recruiting solution working for you?


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