1. Workforce Planning Drives Healthcare Outcomes

    Industry White Paper Co-Authored by: Daniel W. Rasmus, Industry Expert & Rana Hobbs, Senior Director of Workforce Planning with Aasonn.

    Quality Patient Care Begins with Strategic Workforce Planning

    Healthcare organization needs to have a workforce plan in place to implement an effective healthcare strategy. If Workforce Planning is not involved, health institutions will face skill shortages and staff misalignments that lead to the inability to innovate or adopt new technology, and to provide quality patient care. 

    With constantly growing and changing community and patient needs, healthcare organizations need to effectively develop and use workforce plans in order to stay competitive and to be successful. Workforce Planning provides both strategic and tactical benefits by anticipating the number of employees and specific skills organizations will need in the future. Workforce Planning ensures that healthcare providers deliver the right people to the right place with the right skills at the right cost to ensure they meet the needs of their patients and current standards of care. Moreover, having an effective workforce plan helps balance the mix of workers and skills, creating a better work experience for all involved. As critical skills within healthcare are a limited resource that require years of training, having a strategic view into future workforce needs can drive relationships with colleges, universities and trade associations, as well as with organizational design and branding, to ensure providers are cultivating the workforce needed for tomorrow, today.


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